The Birth

Mr. Marlon R. Nicolls (Our Founder)

In 2002,  I sat with Dr Myles Munroe discussing The International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA) Training Institute.
One component of this unique facility was an incubation center where  leaders are mentored by seasoned Leaders, of all backgrounds: Pastoral, Governmental, Business, Medical and Legal. It was the dream of Dr Myles to find ways to  empty these leaders before they passed on. “ Let’s make sure they died empty.”
PPP was born to capture, cultivate, and distribute  the intellectual properties of our Church leaders so that our present and future pastors gain wisdom through experiential and time tested  knowledge.
At age 17, I felt the Lord for the first time in a very tangible way, it was my first encounter with a divine thought or vision, He said “ I have called you of a Joshua generation, not what is being aired at present, radical and aggressive, but one who learns from the mistakes of our leaders and one who becomes a leader by example.
You will sit with kings and priests and not be afraid and ashamed, but let the kingdom be seen by simply being obedient to Me.” This was the first time I heard the word kingdom in this context.
I am now over 50 and as I look back on my professional and christian journey  it has taken me into the presence of many Prime Ministers, World famous church leaders, and powerful business leaders. I am humbled to be at the crossroad knowing it was designed before I was born. To God be the Glory.

Our Team

Branding and Church Assimilation Specialist
Mr. Marlon Nicolls is the founder and CEO of Marlon Nicolls and Associate. A certified relationship counselor, licensed minister of the gospel and a relationship author.
With over 30 years in the Design, Branding, Communication Arts, Advertising and Printing arena, working with over 100 churches, public figures and politicians. Mr. Nicolls brings his wealth of experience and expertise to assist you in realizing your maximum potential. He is the Senior Consultant at Pastor Paradigm Push.
Pastoral Mentors – Lifestyle, Leadership and Church Governance
Dr. The Apostle Abraham E. Fenton – New Jersey, USA
Rev. Alvin Nicholson – Toronto, Canada
Rev. Richard Minus – New Jersey, USA
Bishop Clarence Williams Jr. Kansas, USA
Apostle Glen Fraser – California, USA
Bishop Eric McLeod – New York, USA
Music Ministers Mentors – Lifestyle and Protection the Presence of God within you
Rev. Peter Regis – Valencia, Trinidad and Tobago
Rev. Cheryl Fraser – California, USA
Min. Lorraine Brown – New York, USA
Private Pastoral Personal and Family Counseling 
Dr. Yves Abraham, Ph.D LMFT – Texas,  U.S.A
Dr. Cheryll Holmes Ph.D LMFT – New York, USA
Rev. Karen F. Alleyne- Harper BSc, MBA, LLB – Trinidad W.I.